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  • Staff can take orders on mobile phone when standing in front of customer.
  • Sales Visits can also be captured on mobile phone.
  • GPS / Geo tracking is also available
  • Sales staff cannot fake customer visits. If a visit is faked, management is instantly alerted.
  • Create Prospects and customers
  • Generate enquiries (with tracking of status, presentations given, proposal given etc)
  • Assign & schedule marketing tasks to sales staff
  • Sales staff can enter tasks completed by them
  • Daily morning auto-email to each and every staff regarding their tasks for the day
  • Daily morning auto-email to management of marketing tasks not completed - full backlog
  • Track all communication linked to an enquiry number
  • Generate quotations
  • Authorize quotations
  • Quotations automatically printed on authorization
  • Enter sales orders
  • Authorize sales orders
  • Sales orders automatically printed on authorization
  • List of new customers created within a date-range
  • Sales order register
  • Sales staff performance - detailed
  • Sales staff performance - summary
  • Sales orders monthly statistics - by customer
  • Sales orders monthly statistics - by product
  • Price list of items
  • List of pending marketing tasks
  • List of completed marketing tasks
  • List of forgotten enquiries
  • Demos / Presentation statement
  • List of sales enquiries during a period - unclosed only
  • List of sales enquiries during a period - closed only
  • Customer / Quotations entire history
  • Customer / Quotations entire history for any specific item


  • Enter purchase requisitions
  • Authorize purchase requisitions
  • Enter purchase orders (mandatorily linked to purchase requisitions)
  • Authorize purchase orders
  • Enter purchase orders - (without link to purchase requisitions)
  • Reprint purchase orders
  • Purchase orders pending for delivery from suppliers
  • Purchase orders yet to be created (will be developed)
  • Entire purchase order history - for any item



  • Receipt of goods from suppliers (with link to PO)
  • Receipt of goods from suppliers (without link to PO)
  • Stock adjustments (both +ve as well as -ve)
  • Enter requisition for stock transfer
  • Authorize requisition for stock transfer
  • Transfer stocks
  • Stock Valuation
  • Items with stock below re-order level
  • Stock enquiry - for any item



  • Bill of Materials (BOM) definition
  • Labour Tasks
  • Standard tasks for manufactured items
  • Auto generate Cost Estimation (linked to enquiry number)
  • Generate BOM Costing
  • Finalize BOM costing
  • Generate labour costing
  • Finalize labour charges
  • Project cost estimation (report)
  • Issue for consumption (can be used in manufacturing)
  • Consumption returns from site (can be used in manufacturing)


  • Enter gate pass
  • Authorize gate pass
  • Automatically print gate pass on authorization
  • Enter gate pass return
  • List of pending returnables

Sales staff cannot fake customer visits

Online tracking and control of each and every sales staff along with instant email alerts to management of suspected fake customer visits. Other features include route-planning with sequence of visits on mobile, scheduling daily visits to customers, report of visits not done, prospects tracking, report of forgotten-enquiries, daily reminder mails to each and every staff regarding jobs for the day, escalated mails of unfinished jobs, quotations, invoices, delivery notes etc


Keeps track of amounts received from customers, balances etc. Invoice & amounts automatically come here from Sales module.


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