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Highly specialized in an “Equipment Maintenance Software”                                                                                                                                                                       All engineers / technicians will work with mobile app                                                                                                                                                                                      CMMS / Maintenance / Biomedical / Helpdesk / Servicedesk /  Asset Management   + many ERP modules. These are successfully implemented in India and 10+ countries in Asia, Middle East & Africa.

Our “Service & Maintenance software ” has so much more features & friendliness than the usual standard ticketing softwares.

Make a checklist of your requirements, come for a demo and then compare our system with the world’s biggest CMMS brands.

Oh yes, compare the pricings too !!!

Whichever country in the world you may be, we will implement & support you. 

Our customers include

  • Smith & Nephew (India)
  • Labindia Analytical Instruments (India)
  • Marico group (India)
  • JNC International (Nigeria)
  • Megascope Healthcare (Kenya)
  • Gulf Corporation Technology (Bahrain)
  • Intelligent Touch Corporation (Philippines)
  • Crown Healthcare (Tanzania)
  • Premier Agencies (in Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania)

Our Specialities

Specialized in online global software implementations. 

Wherever in the world you may be, we install & support you.

CMMS / Maintenance / Biomedical / Helpdesk / Servicedesk / Asset Management software

Various ERP modules to computerize your Sales enquiries / leads tracking, purchases, inventory, warehousing, manufacturing etc

Mobile App development

Affordable pricing

Complete field force management through mobile app

Successfully running in more than 10+ countries

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Different versions for small, medium & large companies

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